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Things change fast at ICEYE and we are constantly updating our skills and capabilities as well as our satellites. On this page you will find a collection of our external documents and some links to places that we have found useful when learning about SAR.

Previous Product Documentation

As we evolve our products, we also have to evolve our metadata and documentation. To allow users to search through previous ICEYE documents we provide them as links in the following table.

SAR Product Guide 4.2 3 December 2021
Level 1 Product Format Specification 2.1 11 June 2020
Data Calibration and Validation 1.0 22 June 2020
Table 1: ICEYE Archive Documents

ICEYE Publications

Having such a large SAR constellation provides unique opportunities for scientific reasearch and experimentation. ICEYE encourages its staff to participate in reaseach activities and innovation is a core principal for the company. In the following table are some recent scientific publications that the team has been working on.

Radius A., Leprovost P., Ignatenko V., Muff D., Lamentowski L., Nottingham M., Dogan O., Seilonen T., March 2022, Phase Variant Analysis Algorithm for Azimuth Ambiguity Detection. In 2022 IEEE RADAR Conference
Dogan O., Ignatenko V., Muff D., Lamentowski L., Nottingham M., Radius A., Leprovost P., Seilonen T., March 2022, Experimental Demonstration of a Novel End-to-End SAR Range Ambiguity Suppression Method.In 2022 IEEE RADAR Conference
Muff, D., Ignatenko V., Dogan O., Lamentowski L., Leprovost P., Nottingham M., Radius A., Seilonen T., Tolpekin, V., The ICEYE Constellation - Some New Achievements. In 2022 IEEE RADAR Conference
Ignatenko, V., Nottingham, M., Radius, A., Lamentowski, L. and Muff, D., 2021, July. ICEYE Microsatellite SAR Constellation Status Update: Long Dwell Spotlight and Wide Swath Imaging Modes. In 2021 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium IGARSS (pp. 1493-1496). IEEE.
Ignatenko, V., Laurila, P., Radius, A., Lamentowski, L., Antropov, O. and Muff, D., 2020, September. ICEYE Microsatellite SAR Constellation Status Update: Evaluation of first commercial imaging modes. In IGARSS 2020-2020 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (pp. 3581-3584). IEEE.
Table 2: ICEYE Publications
Thomas P. Ager. The Essentials of SAR: Conceptual View of Synthetic Aperture Radar and Its Remarkable Capabilities.: 2021. ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8512864487 Easy to read introduction to SAR for everyone
Astri Polska, ESA SNAP workbook PDF with Radar data processing tools described
Thuy Le Toan, Introduction to SAR Remote Sensing, lecture D1La1 of ESA Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing Useful PDF for understanding of geometric properties and artifacts of SAR
"Step by Step: Recommended Practice Flood Mapping", Office for Outer Space Affairs. UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal Useful step-by-step instructions from the United Nations
Echoes in space. EO College. A useful short course on SAR that we recommend to all our new customers.
Table 3: Other useful links