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Change Log

Date Version Comment
3rd Nov 2023 5.2.1 Addition of documentation for Colorized Sub-aperture Image (CSI) and SAR Video (VID) produtcs
13th Jun 2023 5.2.0 Addition of Spot Fine Imaging Characteristics and Data Product Parameters. Fleet summary modified to reflect capabilities of new Generation 3 satellites.
1st Feb 2023 5.1.2 Addition of Spot Extended Dwell Imaging Characteristics
1st Dec 2022 5.1.1 Removed reference to NaN values in SLC Data Product
Added change log (this page)
Corrected typo in stack time image under Product Ordering
Added geospatial validation report to June 2022.
Moved Foundations into a new section rather than under format specification.
Typo ellipsoid to geoid under RPC information
Removed stale page on image data formats
19 Aug 2022 5.1.0 Updated metadata to be version 2.4
7 Apr 2022 5.0.0 First release of online product documentation
1 Nov 2021 4.2.1 First online version following ICEYE Product Guide V4.2